About Us

About Us

What is ST1MPACK™

Stimpack is an energy drinks company aimed mainly at working with the Gaming industry to provide energy products designed to improving the performance of amateur and pro-gamers alike.

How We Started

The idea of a Stimpack started after a conversation between two friends about  how their love for gaming and their gaming performance itself started to decline after starting work IRL. The conclusion of the conversation was that it was becoming increasingly harder to play at the level they used to play at, and they could not focus for the extended periods of time needed in order to play competitively. Thus the idea of a Stimpack was born.  An  energy drink with all the good stuff needed and none of the bad stuff found in conventional energy drinks.

Our Aims

Our aims are simple and clear; provide a clean, tasty and quality product for amateur and pro gamers. We want to help enhance pro gamers  so they can further their careers, and we want the gamers who play casually but need a pick-me-up to enhance their games.

Future Goals

Our future goals are to fully sponsor our own eSports teams,  host our own gaming events and work with and donate profits to charities.