To begin, we will explain what eSports is to those that are not in the know.

eSports is the word we use to categorise the world of competitive organised video gaming, just like “ball sports” or “track sports” etc, but for the digital world. Just like in what some would consider “normal” sports the competitors are all in different leagues, teams and specialise at different games. What a lot of people don’t know is that these gamers are watched and followed by MILLIONS of fans all over the world, it is even broadcasted on “aerial” TV in South Korea, China and Japan.

380 million people worldwide watch eSports.

eSports is the fastest growing sport ever, with the most popular games in no particular order being; Fortnite, LoL (league of legends), Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Starcraft etc.

If you are fairly new to all this you may of heard the words “twitch streamer”. A twitch streamer is someone who may or may not play competitively in eSports leagues, sometimes they are just casual  gamers, but most of the time they are what is considered a Pro gamer.

Another thing that is also suprising to someone who is new to eSports is how HUGE the prize money is. In 2019 the total prize cash for just ONE (albeit very popular) game, Fornite, is up to $100million dollars. Yes you did read that correctly one-hundred-million-dollars.  It should not be taken lightly how much money is also in the less popular and more amateur leagues, it is absolutely normal for some “amateur” leagues to take home prizes of $100,000 and upwards, and this is mainly because there is far and far less middle-men to take a cut like in traditional sports. In a way it is quite refreshingly honest, your good at something? So use it to go out and win that money without having to jump through a million hoops.

So how is all this relevant to St1mpack? Well, St1mpack was created by some casual gamers (who once had dreams of going pro but don’t have time) and we have now brought a product to the market which has helped level the playing field.

We plan to sponsor our own eSports team very soon, and also are always on the lookout for brand ambassadors on streaming platforms – so if you fall into any of these categories we want to hear from you!

Our Involvement

A St1mpack is a specially crafted Gaming Energy Drink which is tried and tested to be ideal for eSports competitors. Gamers from all over the world are using the Stimpack gaming energy drink in order to get the competitive edge over there opponent, it is absolutely designed for eSports and is the perfect drink for any pro player or amateur looking to improve there game.

St1mpack Energy are always looking to expand our team, if you are a pro or amateur eSports competitor, live streamer or youtuber please contact us about getting you on our team. We are looking to sponsor people and normally do so by using affiliate codes especially tailored for the player. We know that it wont be hard for anyone selected to promote our gaming energy drink from past experience, and confidence in our product – we know everyone serious about gaming will love it!