Performance Before Profits Promise

Welcome to the Performance Before Profits Promise page

In this page we would like to talk about something that we at St1mpack have decided to stick to throughout our business journey. The thing that we would like to talk about is the phrase that we have coined ourselves which we like to call the Performance Before Profits Promise (PBPP).

The Five Main Points;

  • A Product that Works – we want to be different from the rest of the over-marketed products on the market, we test our products and use high quality regulated ingredients that will boost your game. Simple as.
  • A Great Tasting Drink – it’s true that everyone has different taste preferences, however that doesn’t mean we are gonna try and get out of this one. We drink Stimpack ourselves, and do taste tasting on all new products, so we are always making sure your drink tastes great!
  • Healthier Than Sugary Energy Drinks – drinking 1000 grams of sugar was ok when you where younger, but now its time to grow up and look after yourself. Healthy body, healthy mind as they say – our products are sugar free and packed with vitamins to help achieve you this!
  • Something You Want To Share – everything we do we want you to be able to share with your gamer friends. Like our products? great, tell your friends and let them try us. Like our memes? even greater.. you can share them with the world 🙂 we don’t you to be dissapointed with us! contact us if you are 🙁
  • Delivered On Time – although we don’t drive the orders to you personally, we do get a choice which courier service does. We don’t skimp on our logistics budget and we try to choose the best couriers for the job. If we find that a certain courier service is under-performing we will stop using them, please let us know if you have any problems with your delivery!

The PBPP was first designed when creating the company because, as gamers and product users ourselves, we found that in these times that we are living in it is hard to find good, honest product vendors that believe in what they sell. It is no secret that big companies and corporations these days will absolutely dilute the quality of their products in order to maximise on profits, that is why St1mpack will always be made from quality ingredients and by professionals.

We believe if our products are up to a high standard then our company will continue to grow, and this is one of the reasons why you will find that our products contain ingredients that you won’t find in any of our competitors ;

this is because our Stimpack is not designed to maximise profits, it is designed to maximise performance.

It should also be noted, unlike most of our competitors, our product is made fully in the UK – and yes this includes the packaging. We want to sell a top quality product every time, that “does what it says on the tin”.

The PBPP also includes our delivery services. Although we cannot control every courier that we use because we use third parties (such as Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes etc), we can control who we continue to use; e.g. if we find that our customer feedback is showing that a certain courier is not delivering on time frequently, we will quickly never use them again.

To conclude, we want you to find that our Stimpack products are/to a) taste good b) improve your game play c) get to you on time d) be a product you can be proud to tell your friends about.