What is a St1mpack?

A St1mpack is an energy, focus and endurance drink, made by ST1MPACK™

We use the power and Theacrine™ in our products to give you the competitive edge.

Pro Gamer’s all over the world are using St1mpack to help unlock there true potential, and keep them at the top of there game!

How will a St1mpack help me?

  • You will have more Energy to play;

St1mpack is packed full of ingredients which will increase your energy levels, twitch times and your focus – you will be more alert, hydrated and stimulated!

  • Continuous Energy, Focus and Twitch Speeds – without the crash

We don’t add sugar to our Energy Drinks and only use high grade ingredients, vitamins and minerals. We also Theacrine™ in our products that is proven to give a huge amount of benefits – without the energy crash!

  • We research and develop our ingredients continuously;

We use ingredients that you will not find in other Gaming Energy Drinks, and pride ourselves on being better than the rest! ST1MPACK™ was started by gamer’s so you can trust us when we say that we know what gamer’s are looking for from an energy drink.

What is Theacrine™

Theacrine™ is a a next level performance ingredient that;

  • Improves Focus
  • Improves Determination
  • Increases Alertness for a Long time

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Why should I use St1mpack?

  • Improved Energy, Focus and Performance – designed and tested by gamer’s you can be assured you will up your game!
  • No Sugar Crash -St1mpack is designed and tested to not cause a sugar crash, energy crash or caffeine crash.
  • Healthier – Our products contains healthy vitamins and minerals which are almost never found in conventional energy drinks – so it’s better for your health!
  • Costs Less – it’s MUCH CHEAPER than buying individual canned drinks

Is St1mpack safe?

St1mpack is safe, and made by trusted UK suppliers. However, it is not recommended for those who are unable to take caffeine or have been told to not use caffeine by their doctor. Anyone looking to use a St1mpack should consult a medical professional if they are unsure about anything.

How much St1mpack can I use per day?

Our products come with individually tailored doses, so please read the label and all the information given before you take the product. If you are unsure that you can take it then consult a Medical Professional such as a Doctor or General Practitioner. If you experience any discomfort or unusual reactions whilst using our products stop taking the product immediately and consult a doctor.

Can I become an Ambassador?

Yes! Contact us through email for more information. There is an application and review process and we are specifically interested in hearing from Twitch streamers, amateur and Pro eSports players too.

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