How to use ST1MPACK

  • St1mpack products come in powder form which is to be put into a glass of water, or a shaker, filled with the state amount of water and mixed until the product dissolves into the water.
  • The user should always use the stated amount of powder and water, no more or no less. This is because our products are designed and tested to work as intended by following what is stated on the products packaging and/or individual product page.
  • St1mpack should not be bought by anyone under 18 and is NOT to be used by anyone under the age of 18.

All users should follow the safety guidelines given.

Safety Guidelines

  • If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the product DO NOT use the product.
  • Do not exceed the stated dosage.
  • The product is not to be used by anyone under the age of 18.
  • The product should not be used by anyone who is pregnant.
  • The product is not to be used in conjunction with any other stimulation or energy products.
  • The product is not to be used whilst taking any medication.
  • Do not mix the product with anything other than water.
  • It is recommended not to use the product if you have been drinking a lot of coffee during that day.
  • The product should be stored away from children.
  • The product should be kept in a dry, room temperature area away from sunlight.
  • The product should be only be administered into the body by drinking it mixed with the stated amount of water.
  • If you start to have an allergic reaction to the product seek professional medical help immediately. Call a doctor or ambulance straight away.
  • If you feel strange or uncomfortable using the product stop using the product immediately.

If you are unsure about anything

If you are unsure about any of the ST1MPACK products, please do the following: 

  • Seek additional information -OR-
  • Seeks medical advice from a trained professional.
  • Stop using the product until you have received further information.
  • Don’t continue to use the product until you are confident with using it.